JNCIE. Juniper® Networks. Certified Internet Expert. Study Guide by Harry Reynolds. This book .. documents are provided in PDF on your PC. Knowing the. The author and publisher have made their best efforts to prepare this book, and the content is based upon final release software whenever possible. Portions of. JNCIE-DC Lab Workbook Best way to prepare your JNCIE-DC Lab of lab4ccie that's why Lab4ccie provide study material which is recommend by the experts.

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    Jncie Study Guide Pdf

    This is my list of study material for the Juniper Service Provider ://ziechowhasodi.cfr. net/assets/uk/en/local/pdf/study-guide/ziechowhasodi.cf JNCIP Study Guide in PDF Sybex is also offering the Juniper Networks Certification books on their accompanying CDs so you can read the books on your PC or. It was actually back in May that I earned my JNCIE-ENT # and I wanted to If you want, you can order a copy of the study guide on LeanPub and comes with a day money back guarantee. Send article as PDF.

    I had a customer that was doing a big Data Center move and it just kept me overly busy. Much of that has now calmed down and finally allowed me to get this long overdue post out. The other part of that is that the Proctors are more willing to answer questions and help you understand a question. The environment is also vastly different from the CCIE lab exam. Instead of sitting in a small cubicle area with monitors, you are in a nice training room I took my test in Herndon, VA where you have some space to spread out and organize yourself. Granted for the exam your computer is a Laptop, but what more do you really need to work a terminal session? My study approach was multi-faceted. Being able to bounce ideas and topics of discussions of each other is amazing. Just when you think you know something, someone in the groups brings a new way to look at the problem. Friends helping friends study is something, with any exam, that should not be overlooked. It is true, a study partner keeps you studying. It helped tremendously for sure. My final way of preparing to study was to actually write an unofficial study guide that went over every topic that was on the JNCIE blueprint , explain it and then lab and demo it. Being able to take the time to lab up a concept, test it, and then write about it as well as explain it was an amazing help.

    The workbook is organized into 8 chapters, plus 2 appendices for practice test. Each chapter includes a technical overview of each skill before moving onto the configuration details.

    While I liked the format of the Proteus workbook and the content is very good, I did find that some of the more elaborate configurations that may be needed for the test were not included in the workbook one example that comes to mind is adjusting routes in the inet.

    This was covered in the other workbooks. The Proteus workbook did not include online labs, but the clarity of the materials should make it easy to recreate these labs on your own. For my setup, the one exception to this was the practice lab exam in the final chapter. While the hard copy of the workbook was handy, I will note that the way it was bound I believe it is a thermal binding with a pre-glued spine is not holding up very well.

    After approximately a month of use, I noticed that some of the pages were starting to fall out. It is advisable to watch to see if this workbook is updated in the future, especially after the next revision of the JNCIE-ENT exam which is scheduled to be put in place in the first half of this year. The soft copy does allow for printing. By design, the workbook will have usefulness after passing the exam. The Bad: Uses LockLizard for copy protection on the soft copy ahh!!!!

    There is uncertainty around whether this workbook is updated in the future.

    Each chapter is intended to be followed by Lab configuration activities noted in the Lab Guides. Intended to provide a close experience to the actual lab exam.


    Lab Diagrams — Supplement that makes it very easy to review the topology while flipping through the Lab Guides. Since I did not have direct access to actual labs that were provided as part of the actual course, I used the Detailed Lab Guide as my primary reference in preparation for my third attempt of the exam, followed by the Student Guide where it made sense.

    In fact, I read the entire Detailed Lab Guide in the 5 days prior to my third lab exam attempt not too difficult after preparing for several months.

    Reviewing the Juniper Courseware as my final preparation for my third attempt at the exam the one in which I passed really helped me to solidify the topics that I had already reviewed. I did find that there were some topics covered better in this courseware than in the other workbooks.

    The Juniper Courseware also made clear that many of the configurations on the actual test would be configured for you.

    JNCIP Study Guide | JNCIP: Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional Study Guide

    This was something that actually threw me off on my first lab attempt. It might have even saved me an lab attempt. The Bad: You must attend the Bootcamp to receive the Courseware materials — they are not available for separate download. Recommendations Based on my detailed experience of the study guides reviewed in this post in accordance with my experience of taking the JNCIE-ENT exam three times in latter part of , I will offer up the following recommendations in terms of using the reviewed Study Guides: I would recommend starting your JNCIE-ENT studies with the Proteus Workbook, especially if you plan of procuring your own lab gear, and read the chapters and thoroughly practice the configurations and practice tests.

    As noted earlier, there may be long-term issues with this study guide due to Proteus being acquired by FishNet Security it is unclear whether or not the company intends to keep it updated, and the original author is no longer employed there. If you do not have access to the full set of lab gear or simply do not want to procure it , the iNET ZERO workbook labs are very good for preparation though there are some issues with the documentation. I used 20 lab session credits up through my second lab attempt.

    Also be aware that lab time may be scarce, you have to schedule far in advance, and there is a hour cancellation policy. I recommend that you have already done extensive reading and hands-on preparation prior to arrival. You can still pass the test without the courseware with proper preparation. Each chapter begins with a list of the lab skills covered in that chapter, with the chapter body providing detailed examples of how the corresponding functionality can be quickly configured and verified.

    A full-blown case study typical of what the JNCIP-M candidate will encounter in the actual exam is featured near the end of each chapter.

    Each case study is designed to serve as a vehicle for review and as the basis for lab-based study time. Solutions to the case study configuration requirements and tips for verifying proper operation are provided at the end of each case study.

    Each chapter ends with review questions to highlight and therefore prevent mistakes that are commonly seen when JNCIP exams are graded.

    Chapter 1 provides detailed coverage of initial system configuration and related network management tasks. This type of configuration is typical of that normally performed on a brand-new system, and these tasks are characteristic of how the JNCIP-M candidate will usually begin their testing day. Where possible, this chapter attempts to mirror the applications and features demonstrated for the OSPF routing protocol. Chapter 5 begins our journey into the BGP protocol by detailing the configuration and testing of the Interior Border Gateway Protocol IBGP in full mesh, confederation, and route reflection applications.

    BGP-related routing policy and route attribute manipulation are introduced in this chapter. Chapter 6 details the configuration and operational analysis of Exterior Border Gateway Protocol EBGP and provides a healthy dose of routing policy in the context of a service provider's network.

    This book is written to mimic the actual JNCIP-M exam by having the reader add layers of complexity and increased functionality to a common network topology with each successive chapter. The decision to use a fixed topology allows the reader to focus on the 'task at hand' instead of having to constantly adapt to new connectivity and address assignments. This layering approach helps to familiarize the reader with how the exam is structured, and also helps to reinforce the relationships between the various network protocols and applications that are covered.

    To best benefit from this book, we recommend the following study method:. Accessing some routers is better than none, so get your hands on as many routers as you can. This book was designed to simulate the experience of actually working with Juniper Networks routers as closely as possible, recognizing that there is a substantial cost associated with the construction of a JNCIP-M test bed.

    Combining on-the-job experience with a careful analysis of the examples provided in this book will prepare you for the JNCIP-M exam. Follow along with the chapter body configuration examples and make sure you understand how network operation is validated against the scenario's requirements through the use of operational commands.

    Do not move on to the next chapter until you are confident that you can perform the case study configuration found at the end of each chapter in the time frames suggested-without the use of manuals and without any serious operational problems in the resulting network. Make sure you understand the answers to all the review questions at the end of each chapter. These questions are designed to prevent common mistakes!

    JNCIE-ENT Passed

    To learn all the material covered in this book, you'll have to apply yourself regularly and with discipline. Try to set aside the same amount of time every day to practice router configuration and network testing, and select a comfortable and quiet place to do so.

    Good luck and may the force be with you!

    What's on the CD? We worked very hard to provide some really great tools to help you with your certification process.

    The accompanying CD contains the following:. Complete Router Configurations The companion CD contains complete router configurations for the case studies found at the end of each chapter.

    The configurations are available in PDF for printing, and as plain-text files for loading into your own routers. Depending on the situation, you may need to edit the configuration to suit the specific interface types and addressing used in your test bed.

    Acrobat Reader 5. This will be extremely helpful to readers who travel and don't want to carry a book, as well as to readers who find it more comfortable to read from their computer. The documentation set is in Adobe Acrobat format. He has written numerous training courses and has presented data communications and internetworking training classes for the last 15 years for a variety of organizations.

    His e-mail address is h.


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