PDF | Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of motivating the front line employees of retail stores in Jordan on the. Motivation and performance of the employees are essential tools for the This paper aims to analyze the drivers of employee motivation to high levels of. influence their employees to self motivate and produce the best work possible. There are pdf>. "Motivation .

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    Motivation, employee motivation, rewarding, drives and needs ziechowhasodi.cf ems/ijcert_papers/V3Ipdf [Accessed 28 September ]. The aim of this thesis was to find out the effect of employees motivation on organization and the dif- ferent type of motivations. It also obtain an understandings. Motivation refers to an internally generated drive to achieve a goal or follow a particular course of action. Highly motivated employees focus their efforts on.

    Cite Harvard Badubi, R. International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development, 3 3 , pp. APA Badubi, R. International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development, 3 3 , Vancouver Badubi RM. International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development. Chicago Badubi, Reuben M.. China Abstract: The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the theories of motivation and how they are used to inspire employees to develop the drive to achieve. The importance of motivation in organizations and job satisfaction is vital for the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. The consequences of organizations operating without any purpose of motivation towards its employees are far catastrophic, such as depression, turnover, burnout which can derail the success of organizations. For organizations to make employees their biggest asset and retention purposes, motivation should be a priority. The study tries to help organizations with suggestions to cultivate conducive atmospheres and relationships for employees to work under, to foster positive attitudes towards their work.

    E, The study is aimed to determine the factors that increase employee motivation and the relationship of organizational effectiveness with employee motivation. Employees want to earn reasonable salary and payment, and employees desire their workers to feel that is what they are getting Houran. Money is the fundamental inducement, no other incentive or motivational technique comes even close to it with respect to its influential value Sara et al, It has the supremacy to magnetize, maintain and motivate individuals towards higher performance.

    Frederick Taylor and his scientific management associate described money as the most fundamental factor in motivating the industrial workers to attain greater productivity Adeyinka et al, Research has suggested that reward now cause satisfaction of the employee which directly influences performance of the employee Kalimullah et al, All businesses use pay, promotion, bonuses or other types of rewards to motivate and encourage high level performances of employees Reena et al, To use salaries as a motivator effectively, managers must consider salary structures which should include importance organization attach to each job, payment according to performance, personal or special allowances, fringe benefits, pensions and so on Adeyinka et al, Leadership is about getting things done the right way, to do that you need people to follow you, you need to have them trust you.

    And if you want them to trust you and do things for you and the organization, they need to be motivated Baldoni. J, Theories imply that leader and followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation Rukhmani. K, Motivation is purely and simply a leadership behavior.

    It stems from wanting to do what is right for people as well as for the organization. Leadership and motivation are active processes Baldoni. In fact, it builds a Win - Win connection among organizations and employees; which is considered an ideal environment in numerous organizations and their employees. Empowering can flourish virtual human capacities.

    Empowered employees focus their job and work-life with additional importance and this leads to constant progress in coordination and work procedures.

    Employees execute their finest novelties and thoughts with the sense of belonging, enthusiasm, and delight, in empowered organizations. Adding up, they work with a sense of responsibility and prefer benefits of the organization to theirs Yazdani,B.

    It can make intrapersonal and interpersonal effects and influence on the relations inside and out the organization Hassan et al, No matter how automated an organization may be, high productivity depends on the level of motivation and the effectiveness of the workforce so staff training is an indispensible strategy for motivating workers.

    One way managers can instigate motivation is to give appropriate information on the sentences of their actions on others Adeyinka et al, The dependent variable is organizational effectiveness. Recognition and Employee Motivation According to Maurer rewards and recognition are essential factors in enhancing employee job satisfaction and work motivation which is directly associated to organizational achievement Jun et al. Kalimullah Khan conducted a study in which he examined the relationship between rewards and employee motivation in commercial banks of Pakistan.

    The study focused on four types of rewards of which one was recognition which he tested through Pearson correlation. The results showed that recognition correlates significantly 0. An empirical study was conducted by Reena Ali to examine the impact of reward and recognition programs on employee motivation and satisfaction.

    A questionnaire was distributed to 80 employees of Unilever and data was analyzed through SPSS version A study was conducted in Pakistan to examine the job satisfaction among bank employees in Punjab.

    The value of correlation coefficient for recognition was 0. Job satisfaction is directly associated with internal work motivation of employees that enhances as the satisfaction of employees increases Salman et al, That is why a study says that deficiency of appropriate recognition and rewarding reduces employees work motivation and job satisfaction.

    Hence, administration of organizations and institutions should build up the arrangement for giving that rewards and recognition to enhance employee job satisfaction and motivational level Reena et al, The above literature, studies and discussion fully supports first hypothesis that recognizing employees work increases their motivation to accomplish tasks and execute responsibilities towards them by the organization.

    Empowering is giving authority and liberating potential of employees. According to Tannenbaum , it is the study of internal organization power and control which illustrated that the distribution of power and control enhances organizational effectiveness Honold,L, Rappaport defined empowerment process as mastering on problems of organizations by people, organizations and societies Amin et al, Empowering makes employees feel that they are appreciated and for making it possible continuous and positive feedback on their performance is essential Smith, B, Employee contribution and their energetic participation in configuring up the organization are tremendously essential to the hale and hearty place of work Matthew.

    According to Chao et al. Empowerment results in motivating employees that leads to constant expansion and organizational growth Smith, B, Empowerment directs faster decision of customer troubles for the reason that employees did not dissipate time referring customer objections to managers.

    According to Brewer et al. Bhatti and Qureshi propose that employee participation in organization measures develop motivation and job-satisfaction level Reena et al, Sanderson believed that empowerment creates motivation and energy in workforce to do their work efficiently and effectively Amin.

    Kuo et al. More the loyalty towards the organization and higher the motivation works best for the effectiveness and growth of a business. Neuman judges participative decision making as a set of planned procedures for systematizing individual sovereignty and autonomy in the perspective of faction accountability and associated to system-wide control. Employee participation and empowerment not only direct to efficiency, effectiveness and innovation but they also boost employee gratification, work motivation and trust in the organization Constant.

    D, He elaborates it that empowerment grants people with responsibility and authority to act as it puts people in control of their own destinies Also he wrote that its fundamental to our humanity that everyone needs to be recognized about how and what work they have done and next time they do it more efficiently for the sake of more recognition John, B, The above literature and studies fully supports the second hypothesis that empowering employees increases their motivation towards work.

    Organizational effectiveness refers to locating targets and attaining them proficiently in spirited and energetic surroundings Constant. A study was done to examine the relationship of organizational effectiveness and employee performance and motivation in the telecommunication and banking sector of Pakistan.

    A sample of respondents was taken and Pearson correlation was applied. The results showed that there exists significant positive correlation 0. The autocratic leadership styles, mechanistic design of organization and authoritarian rules as practiced in African organizations, are all where decision making is concerned only to top management and employees are just given orders to accomplish different tasks.

    In these types of organizational environment the employees may suppress innovativeness and their motivation hinders which has a direct negative effect on organizational performance, growth and effectiveness Constant.

    An internally satisfied, delighted and motivated worker or employee is actually a productive employee in an organization which contributes in efficiency and effectiveness of organization which leads to maximization of profits Matthew.

    Thus from the literature and various studies the third hypothesis is fully supported that there exists a positive relationship between employee motivation and organizational effectiveness. Conclusion Recognition and empowerment play an essential part in enhancing employee motivation towards organizational tasks. By appreciating the employees for their work done and giving them participation in decision making, internally satisfies them with their job, organization and organizational environment.

    Thus their enthusiasm and motivation towards accomplishment of tasks increases. Employee recognition and employee motivation towards organizational tasks have positive relationship between them as exhibited by the empirical studies conducted by Kalimullah 0.

    Thus the employee motivation and organizational effectiveness are directly related. This is also proven by the study conducted by Muhammad 0. So the organizations should work out and make such policies and organizational structures that support employee recognition and empowerment. References Abadi, F. International Business and Management, 2 1 , Ali, R.

    International Review of Business Research Papers, 5 4 , Annamalai, T. European Journal of Social Sciences, 13 4 , Aydin, B. Does Organizational learning capacity impact on organizational effectiveness? Research analysis of the metal industry. Development and Learning in Organizations, 23 3 , Motivation Secrets. Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders. Managing for organizational effectiveness in sub-Saharan Africa: a culture-fit model. Chowdhury, M. African Journal of Business Management, 1 9 , Connolly, T.

    Organizational effectiveness: a multiple constituency approach. Academy of Management Review, 5, Danish, R. Wangi et al. However, personal characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, education level, and job experience are less associated with employee motivation.

    (PDF) Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Effectiveness | Snow Nguyen - ziechowhasodi.cf

    Similarly, factors such as financial and nonfinancial rewards were also found to be significant in this regard. In another study done by Timreck , participants considered factors such as the feeling of success, recognition, responsibility, and getting promotion as important motivational factors while feeling guilty and threat were seen as negative factors.

    For success in today's difficult workplace environment. You better have a strong understanding of how to create long lasting performance and morale. Many leaders think they understand how to create motivation in the workplace. The problem here is that they think we have an idea of how it works.

    But actually they just don't have a strong enough understanding. Leaders who do understand will not make the following types of statements. These statements may have worked in the past. Employees constantly hear of cost cutting tactics like payroll, benefits, and layoffs.

    Not to mention a bad economy. So you shouldn't be to surprised that morale is low. To make matters worse many leaders increase employees responsibilities with little or no pay increases. Never has there been a more important time to invest in their employees. It's a priority to look more closely at building positive motivation in the workplace. These employees are the engine that drives the car. Employee motivation ideas can range from simple to extravagant. Many of these employee motivation tips show you how to increase employee motivation in the workplace.

    But where do you actually start the process of motivating. There are basically two ways to look at motivating in the workplace. One way is developing short term motivation. This type is essential a quick boost to morale. The second way is to build long lasting motivation. Building sustainable employee motivation takes quite a while and is a constant work in progress. This is not to say that gift cards and recognition awards simply don't work.

    The truth being is that they are quite effective. Employees are the heart and soul of every organization. Without them you have nothing. This is the answer to the question why is employee motivation important? And yet, it still surprises me to see how many companies still choose against trying to build long lasting employee motivation. Deciding which employee motivation ideas to take on vary from company to company.

    What works for one company may not work for another. This is part of the reason why motivating employees is challenging and a constant work in progress. The overall goal should be to developed a positive workplace environment with the constant focus on motivating and retaining employees Multi-generational Employee Motivation The modern workforce now includes employees spanning three distinct generations.

    Baby Boomers Baby boomer is a term referring to a person who was born between and Economists predicted that this period would be partly defined by baby boomers retiring en masse. However, as a result of the recession, many have either elected or been forced to extend their careers. Their concerns about their financial future and desire to retire, therefore, should not be taken lightly. Although they are loyal, if you want to keep hold of them make them feel valued.

    Their experience is invaluable, especially when you have a workforce full of enthusiastic, but often erratic millennials. Facilitate the passing of knowledge between generations, but remember that baby boomers tend to be independent, so let them do so as they feel comfortable. Generation X Gen X employees are technologically and internet-savvy, having seen modern technology introduced during their youth. Many of this generation grew up without heavy parent supervision so as a result, also tend to be unafraid of working independently and taking risks.

    However, GenX is the generation of instant gratification and they believe in a good work-life balance, so make sure they have the freedom to strike that balance or they will seek it elsewhere. Generation Y Apart from the baby boomers, GenY has been affected most by the recession. They are pragmatic and hard-working, but they are jaded by the recent economic downturn and its effect on their job-search. Provide ample opportunities in-house to progress or to further their education to avoid losing staff to your competitors.

    In addition to personality differences, managers may have issues with the generational spread because they feel that this generation simply does not have the same set of skills as previous generations.

    Maslow acknowledged that people really have many needs and they vary in strength. He arranged all needs in pyramid shape. Those basic need like shelter, food and needs for daily survival comes at the bottom, while needs which is less important to staying alive are higher on the pyramid. We must meet needs in lower level before we move onto the next level.

    Physiological Needs These are the needs which are required for the survival and maintenance of human life, such as — air, water, food, drink, shelter, etc. Social Needs When a person has met all his lower level physiological and safety needs then his higher level needs become important, the first of which are social needs. Social needs are those which are related to interaction with other people and may include i need for friends ii need for belongingness, etc.

    Maslow said that love involves a healthy relationship between two people, which includes mutual respect, admiration and trust. These needs are concerned with prestige and respect of the individual such as competence, achievements, knowledge, initiative and success. These needs are generally found in persons whose first four needs have already been fulfilled.

    This theory is based on the research carried out by Herzberg and his associates on a group of employees of a paint company. It was found that factors that caused satisfaction were different from those that caused dissatisfaction.

    So, he divided those responses in two general categories: -- 1. However, if these conditions are not present, they do not cause dissatisfaction. Maintenance Factors There are some conditions of a job which operate primarily to dissatisfy employees when they are not present. Herzberg called these factors maintenance or hygiene factors, since they are necessary to maintain current status, i.

    The importance of these needs will vary from one person to another. If one can determine the importance of these needs to an individual, it will in deciding how to influence that individual.

    Need for Achievement nAch It is the drive to excel and achieve with respect to a predefined set of standards. Succeeding at a task is important for achievers. High achievers prefer immediate feedback on their performance and they generally undertake tasks of moderate difficulty. They neither go for very difficult tasks nor for a very easy one because in the former case they get no achievement satisfaction from accidental successes, and in the later case there is no challenge for their skills.

    Need for Affiliation nAff It is the desire for friendly and close interpersonal relationships. If asked to choose between working at a task with those who are technically competent and those who are their friend, high nAff individuals will choose their friends. People dominated by the affiliation need would be attracted to jobs that have a considerable social interaction. Need for Power nPow People with a need for power tend to exhibit behaviour such as out-spokenness, forcefulness, willingness, to engage in confrontation, and a tendency to stand by their original position.

    They often are persuasive speakers and demand a great deal from others. People with high need for power seek the position of leadership.

    The need power combined with achievement need can lead to productive and satisfying result Creating Motivation in the workplace Every leader and organization realizes the importance of a positive workplace environment. Developing a good workplace culture will not happen over night, it will take some time. There is no exact science to estimate how long the it will take to improve motivation for employees. The results of using good employee motivation techniques will outweigh the length of time.

    Merit Increases Merit increases are a simple pay increase that is awarded to an employee who has excelled in performance and productivity. Many companies allow this type of pay of merit award but with restrictions regarding timeframes and limits. They also may require you to do a an employee performance review. Smaller companies that have less restrictions benefit well using this technique.

    Recognition Using recognition has always been a solid answer to how to motivate employees. Its all about appreciating your staff and letting them know that they are doing good. Make sure that others hear what you are saying. Use meetings, hallways and even the lunch room as possible platforms. Talk to employees about career plans Many employees would like to advance their career, but for some reason don't inquire about it.

    Leaders can still motivate employees that they feel are promotable.

    The simple conversation alone will improve their self esteem and confidence. They may even surprise you with increased performance. The point here is don't wait for them to come to you, go after them and inspire.

    Thank you notes Thank you notes handwritten personal sentiments that are effective. Notes can be written on paychecks or by leaving a not on an employees desk. Try Team Building Games Fun team building games are a highly effective way to solve your problems of how to motivate employees. These ideas will inspire and motivate your staff. There are some really simple ones that can create quickly with no cost. Movie passes This type of award is similar to a merit increase that was mentioned above.

    This idea is way to work around restrictions of merit increases. Movie passes fall under the heading with gift cards, so your choices are unlimited. Coffee This one may be the oldest trick in the book of how to motivate employees. Most offices have some sort of coffee making capabilities.

    Surprise the staff, take a coffee order and pick it up or schedule it for the next morning.

    Theories of Motivation and Their Application in Organizations: A Risk Analysis

    Lunch Schedule a potluck or provide lunch for staff. Providing lunches impress, but the scheduled luncheons provide something to look forward to.

    Ask the staff for suggestions for an added touch. Birthday acknowledgement There is something about birthdays and the workplace that go hand in hand. It's a good way to break up the day with a little fun. Many managers pick up the cost themselves. While others arrange a schedule for the year. One employee is responsible for another employees birthday. Word of the day It can really have fun with this one. Have staff come up with some bizarre words. Designate times throughout the day to use the specific word.

    If you want to really have some fun turn the word into a chant. Make time for employees Another way of how to motivate employees is just make time for your staff. Listen to what they have to say. Learn a little about them and show them that you are interested. Spending a little time will provide employees the sense that they are more than just a number.

    Inspirational stories There are many stories that one can find to talk about. Movies, books and even current events. Whatever story you choose, try to make it relatable. Inspirational sayings Use these simple sayings throughout the day, but don't overdo it. Inspirational sayings can be found in motivational posters that you could hang around the office. These poster are most effective in sales types of offices. The main reason for their success is that they get you to think and focus on the task.

    Companies in India with a human face reach out to its employees in the time of crisis, supporting them and even taking care of the medical expenses of the ailing members in their family. Gone are the days when employees only looked for high paying jobs in a ruthless office set up. A friendly working environment, special healthcare facilities, flexible work hours, work from home options, women- friendly policies and support among the team members keep employees highly motivated in these companies.

    Companies should ensure this by appreciating, recognizing and rewarding your employees. It is a highly effective and proven strategy for improving employee engagement and business output. Employers need to actively engage with their current and future employees, and positive reinforcements are the best way to ensure a powerful employer brand.

    Google India When it comes to facilities, working environment and benefits, work-life balance, very few companies can compete with Google.

    The company makes sure the employees get the right environment to grow to their true potential. With a creative and colourful ambience, offices are designed to promote fun-filled innovation as the company believes it is crucial for employees to think creatively and give their best.

    Marriott's history of taking care of its employees dated back to its early days, when its founder, JW Marriott, counseled the company's employees individually on their personal problems at his first hotel.


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