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    40k Codex Inquisition - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . drac Warhammer 40k - Codex - Adeptus ziechowhasodi.cf Uploaded by. Nom original: ziechowhasodi.cf Titre: Codex: Inquisition Auteur: Games Workshop Ltd. Ce document au format PDF. The Inquisition is the most powerful organisation of the Imperium's many branches. Its Inquisitors when using the rules for Choosing Your Army in Warhammer logo, 40K, 40,, Citadel, the Citadel Device, Stronghold Assault a Codex.

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    Warhammer 40k Inquisition Codex Pdf

    Imperium Adeptus, Inquisition and Custodes – Full 8th edition Leaks. May 31st, by Kirby · 8th Edition, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Adeptus Mechanicus. I've always been disappointed with the Inquisition rules in 40k ever since a fully interactive iBook (requires iBooks for Mac or iOS) and a PDF. The Inquisition is an organization in the fictional Warhammer 40, universe. They act as the Warhammer 40, Codex: Assassins. Nottingham: Games Workshop. "The Thorians: Faction Sourcebook" (PDF). Inquistor Rulebook. Games.

    The Grey Knights were to be the muscle power behind the Inquisitors who were the brains of the operation. Due to the nature of the foe they fight, the Malleus must be hard bastards totally pure of temptations and sins. Even so most of them slowly go off the rails from all that insanity and most develop mental problems. A great deal of the Malleus's efforts are focused around active chaos regions such as the Eye of Terror and the Maelstorm but they can be fast deployed anywhere where Chaos springs up across the galaxy. Nobody outside of the inquisition knows about this ordo or at least its true mission minus a few Space Marine Chapter Masters and the High Lords. This allows the Daemonhunters to be one step ahead of Chaos whenever it pokes its ugly head out. However, this also makes this Ordo the darkest as well. To the people outside of the inquisition, they only know of the Ordo Malleus as the Inquisitors who monitor the other Inquisition Ordos, masking its true mission from the wider imperium. When someone not important finds out about the Malleus's Secret Weapon, read: Grey Knights , they can be subject to execution to prevent the spread of the Grey Knights' existence. It really only happens often when someone discovers the Grey Knights, considering that Cadia , you know, fights Chaos on a regular basis and its main export is soldiers that go all over the wider Imperium, so it would be ridiculous not to mention be incredibly wasteful to destroy all that manpower. The Inquisitor in charge, deciding not to risk the existence of the Grey Knights to the wider imperial folk decided to sterilize and inter the survivors of the war into work camps in the wider Imperium. This pissed off the Space Wolves to no end, starting a mini civil war within the Imperium.

    And with the loss of the fluff, many illustrations have gone too. Most DH rules or wargear items haven't changed.

    Aegis, Shrouding, Rites of Exorcism and Daemonic Infestation items listed on page 8 of the original Codex remain intact in this one. But there is a change to True Grit section with some rewording. It basically allows Grey Knights to count their storm bolters as a second pistol to gain an extra attack in close combat if they are already armed with another pistol or close combat weapon.

    They get no charge bonus but this hasn't changed from current. No items of wargear have been changed either in cost or function that I can see. And the issue of DH Force weapons' 'killing outright' equalling instant death or not hasn't been touched here either. A bit of effort and careful editing here would have been welcome and easy to accomplish pulling into line niggly issues and incompatibility problems with 5th Edition.

    This is the biggest change to the paper Codex. What were Games Workshop thinking of? There is no established fluff anywhere that I know of that imposes a similar such ban — indeed traditionally most Inquisitors do operate with non-Daemonhunter armies. There is no discernable fluff nor gaming reason that I can see for this rules omission so a real puzzler.

    As someone who regularly used Grey Knight Terminators with my Deathwing this is an absolute disaster!! I shall greatly miss the cc capability of my GKGM, not to mention his useful psychic powers and Ld10 psychic hood.

    No inducted Space Marine units either although this was rare. The day of competitive DH armies is now gone and I doubt that it will be many years before we see them at tournaments in this guise. Making it far easier to define a them by their unit names.

    It would seem that by stripping out that page altoghether GW have, probably inadvertantly, actually helped. Interestingly Daemonic Infestation is still restricted to certain unit types, most of which no longer exist. Another item that could have been fixed this time around. The DH are still crippled with their own version of this weapon, as well as still having a unique storm shield. Specifc weapons have not changed from the book Codex.

    Space Marines. Why change or omit some rules and not take the time to fix others? Well no as the usual pattern of updating means that the newer version of any rule set must be used in preference to the set it replaces.

    This gives the theoretical problem of the current Daemonhunter FAQ not working with this pdf version as it refers to the older Codex. In fairness to GW they have said that this pdf Codex is there for those who can't get access to the proper book version and isn't there to replace or override the book version.

    But I'm afraid that doesn't wash. I mean if you were new to the game and just had the pdf version then how would you know what was missing from the book version? Lazy, slapdash and poorly thought through. Stripping out great chunks to make it more downloadable if indeed that was the reason is not the way to create a good working coherent ruleset that presents an army in an interesting manner.

    Furthermore there is little here that alleviates any of the rules compatibility issues between the DH and current 5th edition gaming environment. The fact that the Allies and Inducted units rules have gone cuts down the fun and competitiveness of DH armies in my view, leading to less gamers picking them up in the first place, or like me dabbling with them, which is a great shame as the militant arms of the Inquisition should be a force to be reckoned with.

    Note that oddly as I understand it some foreign language versions of the DH Codex still contain the Allies rule or Inducted units rule? Unit Analysis[ edit ] All units below include the stipulation that 'Only one of this unit can be included in your army. All are armed with Concussion Grenades that are like Frag Grenades but are Grenade D3, and add 1 Damage if the target unit is within 1" off a terrain feature.

    Includes the Astra Cartographica keyword, which is kinda fun. Nitsch himself gets an extra wound and attack, along with his fancy shotgun that does 2 damage. Squad is also accompanied by the bestest boy in the Galaxy, Aximillion who moves 8", gets two attacks and is destined to make people cry when he's inevitably killed, just not on the tabletop as the pupper's death is ignored for the purpose of morale.

    No melee weapon and a Voltaic Pistol that's S5 AP0 and 1D, but scores 3 hits instead of 1 on an unmodified 6 to hit, means you should keep him out of combat. Her Scalpel Claw is AP Her power blade is AP Tactics[ edit ] Vhane and her retinue, when it comes down to it, amount to an extra sticky squad of Guardsmen. This, combined with the amount of attention new models generate, means they can serve as a decently cheap Distraction Carnifex, less then points for the whole gang.

    One good way to go about this is take advantage of their ability to pick and choose the best of the Imperium's transports, see the Inquisiton section for more on that run them up the field and plop them down in cover, ideally on an objective.

    The Assassin doesn't benefit much from being with the others, so she can run off on her own to support one of your melee squads. He's also only 2 points more than a Primaris Psyker, so if all you want is somebody to use Smite with, then go ahead and pick Locarno; if it goes off, at least it'll go off on who you want it to hit.

    No seriously, it's a Man of Iron masquerading as an Imperial Robot designed to collect data for a Magos. Assault Cannon If there was ever any proof the Imperium actually can make better weapons and that not everything was great in bygone days, this would be it, as it fires two less shots at one less strength.

    His problem is he kind of struggles at figuring out what he should do, he can shoot okay and he can fight non-character models okay 2 attacks on a powerfist that hits on 4's is kinda shit, even at S10 but he can certainly take a surprising amount of damage for his relatively cheap cost, as he's still T5 and 4 wounds, with the ability to gain 1 wound every round.

    If you want to use him as a speed-bump against enemy close-combat units or to move him around to gain close objectives since he's still a character and can be screened then feel free, otherwise as soon as your opponent figures out he can't do much to hurt them they're just going to ignore him. Then, in the late 7th edition, Inquisitors got a fully playable army.

    Now, 8th edition has happened. They moved many Inquisition related units to other Imperium factions. Ironically, some of these units are still in the "Inquisition" section on GW's official web store. Are Inquisition units weaker in 8th edition? Yes, you can still field a standalone Battle-Forged Inquisition army. In the latest FAQ, the little ape also got the Authority of the Inquisition rule, so yes, we can field standalone Battle-Forged Inquisition armies, but it only works for or lower points battles.

    A last note: Compared to its small content in Index Imperium 2 book, GW has already made many erratas for Inquisition units. Maybe they just rushed out the Inquisition and planned to fix it later. Or the codex is a comparatively long way off. It's reasonably viable just to run a Supreme Command Detachment of three Inquisitors, each of which is a Psyker.

    You'll pay ish points for each, get three Psykers , and three 6" bubbles of Ld 9 to buff your main army, plus an extra Command Point. Very efficient. Special Rules[ edit ] Authority of the Inquisition: Allows the unit to hijack a vehicle, even if transports are usually faction-locked. Quarry:The Ordos now have their specific keyword which determines their Quarry.

    RAW you have no reason to have your Ordo set before the start of your game. The only unit set to an Ordo are characters and the Inquisitor in Terminator Armor. If you want Terminator armor, you're stuck with this.

    Then your terminator winds up facing Tau. At that point just smile and breathe. Ironically a good all-comers option, since plenty of non-chaos factions have psykers.

    Specialist: A new keyword representing all the other minor Ordos. Re-roll to-hit rolls of 1 against Characters. Psychic Powers[ edit ] The Inquisition specific table is Telethesia, a Greek word for remote sensing. An odd choice, to say the least, since none of the powers have anything to do with sensing. Target a single enemy unit within 18". The unit subtracts 1 from their leadership and cannot fire overwatch. Good for backing up melee-oriented squads.

    Targets a friendly and visible Imperium unit within 18".

    The unit automatically passes morale tests. With the way morale works in 8th, this may not help you very much. Useful perhaps on large guardsmen blobs to avoid more casualties. Targets an enemy Character within 18". You immediately take control of the enemy unit and can make a single shooting or close combat attack against their own team.

    Technically you could use this to make an enemy commissar BLAM one of his friendly guardsmen. Worth it for the lulz, but unless your target has a good gun, like a T'au commander or seeing as the gaze of death has been relegated to a shooting attack, a C'Tan, don't bother usually.

    40k Codex Inquisition

    This power is pretty great if you can manage to cast it on a character with a consumable gun who hasn't used it yet, like Anrakyr the Traveller, as you get the additional benefit of consuming the gun or melee weapon, although one-use melee weapons are pretty rare outside of Elysian Drop Troops, and even there, most opponents won't spring for it.

    Or even better get an enemy HQ to die from overcharging their plasma weapon while shooting at another HQ or Monster. The lulz are magnificent. Not to mention, if your enemy wants to lessen the likelihood of their characters shooting each other, they'll need to spread them out, hopefully out of weapons range. Not to mention that dominate has a This power is situationally amazing given some of the things with the character keyword like Leman Russ Commanders for Imperial Guard, or the Land Raider Excelsior, both of which can carry plasma in one form or another The release of the Imperial Knights codex is also putting a lot of Knight Characters on the board.

    They're prime targets for this power, particularly those with powerful weapons like Thermal Cannons. Wargear[ edit ] If you're an Acolyte, you get a pistol and a melee or ranged weapon - no double pistols, double melee, double ranged, or melee and ranged combinations, the last of which may be the strangest absence.

    Due to the FAQ, if you're an unnamed Inquisitor, you get a melee and a pistol or ranged weapon - no double pistols, double melee, double ranged, or pistol and ranged combinations, the last of which may be the strangest absence.

    Pistols[ edit ] Bolt Pistol: Comes standard on Inquisitors, although for some reason Acolytes start with a laspistol and can and should swap this for free. Eh, it's free. Auto downloads for Acolytes if you do not plan to download another pistol. Inferno Pistol Inquisitor Only : More of a melee weapon than a gun, with only 6" range, but feel free to blast that marine in the face with S 8 AP-4 D1d6, rolling two dice for damage within 3" and discarding the lowest.

    Really, blast that Space Marine in the face. Bonus points for killing his friends with Ork Snipers. Also looks really cool. You're a lot better off at this price point downloading a plasma gun for Alternate Opinion: If comparing plasma and inferno in close combat, the inferno pistol is uniformly a better option vs. The range won't matter once locked in, after that you will be rolling two dice and picking the highest.

    And there the inferno pistol still has higher strength and ap unless you're overcharging plasma. At which point the inferno pistol does more damage per shot. Even if the pistol is only 6" you still have Smite, don't you? That said, the above should never come up in practice, because you should be Falling Back to light up the target with the rest of your army, not trying to tarpit with your Inquisitor.

    No AP to speak of. Probably best to pass. Pretty cheap, though. Plasma Pistol: Once again Quarry will let you re-roll those dangerous ones, so feel free to overcharge. Also good for close combat, like the inferno pistol. Have fun when you imagine jamming your pistol down a heretic's throat and letting it go. More than half the cost of a plasma gun for half the shots at 12" and no shots at farther away than that, though, and like with the inferno gun, suffers from costing enough to make the bearer a poor tarpit.

    Ranged[ edit ] Boltgun: Bog-standard gun. You won't ever take this except for the times that you can't afford anything better because it's free, but fewer points efficient than a storm bolter. Potentially interesting for keeping an Inquisitor cheap, since they come with frag and krak grenades, which are also free and can be readily spammed since an Inquisitor is a 1-model unit.

    Combi-Flamer, Melta or Plasma: Unfortunately, all of these pay 2 points for a bolter attachment that's worth about 1 point, which is still quite noticeable on 8 point Acolytes; none of them can compete with Storm Bolters or Plasma Guns, and for Overwatch, you need full re-rolls to hit for a combi-flamer to beat a flamer.

    Stay away from these - only an Inquisitor has the points cost not to mind paying 2 points for a 1 point gun, and they can take Incinerators. Condemnor Boltgun Inquisitor Only : A default bolter that does D1d3 if the target is a psyker, and can only be taken by Inquisitors, and costs a point. PASS this so hard. Killing psykers is what the Culexus assassin is for.

    This does let you spend a single point if you're obsessed with closing a 1 point gap, but it'll never be worth that 1 point, even against an all-psyker army.

    Flamer: Default Assault D6 strength 4 gun, but badly overcosted if you can apply a Quarry bonus; a Storm Bolter Acolyte re-rolling 1s to hit is 4. Absolute garbage gave its point cost 4 points to the Bolter's 0, or the Storm Bolter's 2. If you want to field this weapon, just use actual stormtroopers, they have better rules and statlines.

    As Inquisitors would actually do in fluff. Can't be taken on acolytes. Meltagun: Short-ranged, but is an assault gun. Not worth its increased cost over a plasma gun. Plasma gun: Since you can use your Ordo and Quarry rules to get re-rolls to hit, the risk of your Inquisition dudes burning their fingers is mitigated, so feel free to over-charge against your enemy if they match your Quarry target, but it's still quite dangerous on an Inquisitor, since it slays without wounding, so you can't make your Acolytes die for you.

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    Much better than a combi-plasma, since it's cheaper, and targets are very rare where you'd want to fire all four shots from a combi-plasma. At 21 points each, each one of these costs more than taking two Storm Bolter Acolytes, Storm Bolter:Strapping two bolters together. Good for lots of weak shots, but then you could take a flamer for assault, or an incinerator. This thing's advantage over those is the range and its ability to be taken by acolytes, for whom it's very compelling, given how cheap it is.

    A better option for Acolytes than anything else except for plasma guns, depending on your target. Only usable by a termi-inquisitor, but not a bad gun for him. Hilariously similar to the Reaper Autocannon, proving that Inquisitors were sick heretics all along Melee[ edit ] Melee weapons are more expensive compared to Imperial Guard variants, since you pay Space Marine prices and currently, Index Space Marine prices at that , so beware!

    Best avoided on Acolytes, since they give up a gun to carry one, so primarily of interest on an Inquisitor. Nemesis Daemonhammer Inquisitor Only : A thunder hammer with a different name but the same rules and cost; see below for the discussion of the thunder hammer.

    Inquisition (Warhammer 40,) - Wikipedia

    Note that Acolytes can take a Thunder Hammer, so the Inquisitor only restriction on this item is meaningless. Inquisitor only. Hard pass - reliably worse than a Power Sword, which you should also be avoiding. Force Axe, Sword, or Maul: All of these are costed as if you were a Space Marine, ignoring your piddly S3, and are simply not worth the cost - Force Staves are the most obvious example, at more than triple the cost of a power maul for merely double the average damage and at best triple damage.

    Only available to Psyker Inquisitors. Hard pass. Power Maul:The best power weapon available to you, all told. S5 is a huge improvement over S3 against many targets, AP-1 is the most reliably useful AP value in a world with Storm Shields, and its cost, a mere 4 points, can't be beat - plus, no to-hit penalty. Just about the only option here compelling enough to replace the Inquisitor's stock Chainsword.

    Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperium(8E)

    Power Fist: Not as good as the thunder hammer, which deals half again the average damage for a quarter again the price. Hard Pass. Power Sword: Nope. Yes, it's AP-3, but you're only S3, and there are an awful lot of targets out there where you can't use nearly that much penetration. Take a Maul instead, if you're willing to drop points. Thunder Hammer Staggeringly expensive; an Acolyte with this should have taken a meltagun, instead, full stop, even before accounting for the better range on the meltagun.

    Because your Inquisitor is A4, there's a dubious argument to be made for this in that case, but most targets with enough wounds to notice the D3 will smirk at paying 80 points for the S6.

    Not a great idea. HQ[ edit ] Inquisitor: Now their Ordo chamber is decided by their keyword, which you choose.


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